Sick of the snow yet? I hope not! There are plenty of chances coming up in the week ahead, starting with Saturday evening.

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for most of the eastern half of the state until Sunday morning.

Snow showers will move in late Saturday afternoon, lasting into Sunday morning. Some light accumulations are likely, up to 1" in the northern zones.

Highs Saturday will stay near freezing, with a few areas reaching the mid 30s.

Good Saturday morning! Today is the official start of Winter, but you wouldn't know it if you stepped outside.

Temperatures starting off the day in the 60s for some. A round of showers and storms is working northeast into central Kentucky, just in time for the second busiest shopping day of the year!

Rounds of rain and thunder will continue for much of the day, with temperatures warming well into the 60s. 

Tonight brings a chance for strong to severe storms.

Happy Saturday everyone!

A mix of rain, sleet and snow is working across the state this morning. The yucky trend will continue for much of the morning and afternoon, with mostly rain and a few storms.

Temperatures Saturday afternoon will climb into the mid to upper 30s.

Happy Saturday!

The rain comes to an end on this last day of Summer as a cold front pushes out of the state this afternoon, leaving behind some much cooler air to kick off the Fall season.

The cold front that pushed through early this morning, dumping several inches of rain across the state has now moved out taking the heavy deck of clouds with it.

A little left over moisture has allowed some fair weather cumulus to develop behind the main line of clouds making for an all together gorgeous afternoon! Those leftover clouds should clear out tonight allowing temperatures to drop by morning.

The cooler air will stick around for the first part of the work week.
Surface map with wind map

Get ready for a soggy Saturday! 

Here are the highlights:
  • Rain expected to move in late this evening and continue through lunch time tomorrow.
  • Some of us could pick up on 1-2" of rain, with isolated areas getting as much as 3".
  • Isolated flooding could become a concern in areas that are prone to high water issues.
  • Rain should begin to clear out Saturday afternoon, with highs in the low 70s. 

Don't forget with Sunday comes brings the official start to Fall and drier weather! Happy Friday!

"Was on my way to Wacker st Palm Bay when I seen this monster thunderhead awesome view"
    - YouTube User: Mickers Bunch
Every once in a while a video surfaces that makes you appreciate the true power of Mother Nature! The amazing video above is one of them.... This supercell in motion was captured in Booker, TX by videographer Mike Oblinksi

Even though thunderstorms may seem chaotic on the ground, they actually operate like very organized machines. Oblinski managed to capture a great portrait in the video above, of how these types of storms evolve and the different mechanisms that drive them. 

What makes a thunderstorm severe?

  • hail that is at least quarter size (1 inch diameter or larger)
  • and/or wind gusts 58mph or greater
  • and/or a tornado

It's officially Atlantic Hurricane Season!

The season kicked off June 1st and runs through November 30th, and covers systems that develop in the Atlantic Basic, which is made up of  the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. 

This may be the first full week, but it already looks like it could be an active season. Check out the area of interest spinning in the Gulf of Mexico! The NHC is giving it a 40% chance for development, but regardless the system could soon be influencing our weather here in Kentucky. 
Want to learn more about how hurricanes form? Click the image above.

Yesterday’s torrential rain brought over an 1” of the wet stuff to parts of central and south central Kentucky. But the overall winner as far as rain goes was western Kentucky.

Paducah set a record for the wettest day in June, with 5.58” of rain! The total pretty much doubled Paducah's old record for June 1st, of 2.61" from 1971.

Clouds will play a big role today as far as temperatures go. Where they break early, we may see a few thermometers touch or climb just above the 80 degree mark.

A strong line of storms crossed the western border into Kentucky early this morning, bringing intense lightning and strong wind mainly to areas between Owensboro and Paducah.

Areas around Paducah have picked up over 5" of rain since Midnight making flooding a huge issue. Several roads have already been closed due to high water.

More storms, some severe are expected to fire up again this afternoon. The main threats to watch for will be damaging wind, hail, flooding, and the isolated tornado.